Seafarer Foundation is a trading name for Secure Seas Pty. Ltd  Australian Company Number 602 297 110

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Employer Benefits

  • Streamline payroll processes

  • Reduce the need for cash on-board the vessel.

  • Remove need for in port Cash advance.

  • One transaction for whole payroll

  • Payroll processing/no need for multiple foreign currency accounts

  • Easily interfaces with existing payroll programs

  • Fulfill termination pay requirements more easily

  • Remove the MLC 2006 issues of timely in port payments.

  • Reduction in costs

  • Improve Treasury Function with improved cash flow management

  • Heavily reduced pay dissemination costs and fees

  • Reduction in risk of moving US currency to vessel – theft and personal.

  • Minimise Exception payroll processing

  • Separate Ships card for purchasing and control

  • Improve staff retention

  • Increase crew member satisfaction and productivity by providing full low cost banking solutions


  • Heavily Reduce “Cash to Master” and relieve “Cash Advance” requirements on board

  • Contribute to corporate sustainability initiatives

Corporate MasterCard for Port State fees, purchases and control