Seafarer Foundation is a trading name for Secure Seas Pty. Ltd  Australian Company Number 602 297 110

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The Seafarer Foundation is the result of two of the company’s founding directors working in the areas of managing a Mission to Seafarers, and in a Ship and Crew Management Company. They have experienced first hand the complexity, cost and inefficiency of the current system of payroll disbursement by ship owners/managers and the burden to seafarers and their families of this antiquated processes.

While investigating  solutions that would assist in reducing these inefficiencies they engaged with many organisations to understand how they may better deal with payroll disbursement. They discovered that the problem was a global one, and effects over 1.2 million seafarers and their employers across the global industry.

Finding that a multi-currency, pre-paid debit card with associated technology along with the reach that non-bank banking organisations had achieved and how they could benefit the industry showed that a solution was available.

The Seafarer Foundation Team of Management is made up of like-minded professionals from the Maritime, Banking and Business communities.